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1. 强调 stress/emphasize/underline

2. 象征 symbolize/signify/stand for

3. 变成,改变,演变  become / change into / develop to/evolve into

4. 考虑  consider/ think about / take into account / think over

5. 举办,举行 hold/conduct

6. 使用,利用 use/utilize/make use of

7. 购买 buy/purchase

8. 认为 think/consider/hold

9. 加强 strengthen/enhance

10. 喜欢 like/enjoy/be fond of

11. 改善,完善 improve/better/perfect

12. 促进 promote/facilitate/advance/further

13. 培养 cultivate/develop/foster

14. 开发  exploit/develop

15. 发现  find/discover

16. 受益 benefit/profit

17. 超过 exceed/surpass/overtake

18. 包括 include/contain


1. 象征,标志 symbol/indication

2. 改进,改善,提高  improvement / reforming / enrichment

3. 文化  culture/civilization

4. 技术  technology/skill/technique

5. 手工艺  handcraft

6. 装饰  decoration/ornament

7. 设施,设备  facility/equipment/device

8. 年轻人 young people/youngster/the young

9. 礼物  gift/present

10. 朝代  dynasty

11. 皇帝  emperor

12. 机会  chance/opportunity

13. 起源 origin/beginning/birth

14. 交流 exchange/communication

15. 联系,关系 connection / relation / relationship


1. 被视为  be regarded / considered/seen as

2. 由……制成  be made from/be made of

3. 反而,相反  on the contrary/in contrast

4. 据报道  It is reported/According to the report/As the report goes

5. 大量的  a large number of(+ 可数名词 )/a good deal of/a large amount of (+ 不可数名词 )

6. 世界各地  across/around/all over the world

7. 改革开放  reform and opening up

8. 越来越多的 more and more/an increasing number of/an growing number of

9. 用作 be used as/serve as

10. 在……中起作用,扮演……角色 play a role in

11. 归因于 attribute to

12. 传说,据传说 according to the legend

13. 有 …… 历史 have a history of

14. 对……有兴趣 be/get interested in sth.

15. 坐落  be located/be situated(+prep.)

16. 作为……而出名 be famous as/be known as/be noted as

17. 不仅……而且…… not only...but also...

18. 重视  pay attention to/attach importance to/lay stress on

19. 同时 at the same time/in the meantime

20. 取得大的成就 achieve great success / make great achievement

21. 由于,因为  because of/due to + n.

22. 占(比例)account for

23. 追溯到,始于 date back to/be traced back to/date from

24. 与……不同  differ from/be different from


1. 独特的,特别的  unique / distinctive / particular

2. 不同的  different/various/diverse

3. 著名的  famous/well-known/noted

4. 流行的,受欢迎的  popular / fashionable / widespread

5. 古代的,古老的 old/ancient

6. 多彩的 colorful

7. 传统的traditional/conventional

8. 当地的 local/native

9. 封建的 feudal

10. 文化的 cultural

11. 重要的  important / significant / vital/crucial

12. 许多,众多的  many/numerous/multiple

13. 不断的  continuous/constant

14. 美味的,可口的  delicious/tasty

15. 偏远的,遥远的  remote/distant

16. 农村的  rural

17. 皇家的  royal

18. 皇帝的  imperial


1. 经常地、频繁地  often / frequently / constantly

2. 专门地,特别地  specifically / particularly / exclusively

3. 逐步地,逐渐地  gradually/step by step

4. 主要地,大体上  mainly/primarily/basically

5. 安全地  safely/securely/in a safe way

6. 最初,起初 originally/initially/at first

7. 同时  simultaneously/meanwhile

8. 当前,目前  currently



1. 强调  stress/emphasize/underline

2. 象征 represent / stand for / symbolize / signify

3. 经历  undergo/experience/go through

4. 要求,需要  require/demand/request

5. 升级 upgrade

6. 使用,利用 use/utilize/make use of

7. 反映 reflect

8. 吸引 attract/fascinate

9. 加强  strengthen/enhance/reinforce

10. 描述,描绘  portray/depict/describe

11. 改善,完善  improve/better/perfect

12. 促进  promote/facilitate/advance/further

13. 建造 construct/build

14. 减少 reduce/cut down

15. 展现  reveal/show/exhibit/display

16. 参加,出席  join/attend/participate in/enter into

17. 创立,建立  found/establish/set up

18. 繁荣,兴旺  boom/flourish/prosper

19. 超过  exceed/surpass/overtake

20. 消除  eliminate/remove/eradicate


1. 演变,发展  evolvement/development

2. 改进,改善,提高  improvement / reforming / enrichment

3. 文化  culture/civilization

4. 技术  technology/skill/technique

5. 文学 literature

6. 航行  voyage/sailing/navigation

7. 设施,设备  facility/equipment/device

8. 贫困  poverty

9. 创新  innovation

10. 朝代 dynasty

11. 安全 safety/security

12. 企业家 entrepreneur

13. 发源地 birthplace

14. 交流  exchange/communication

15. 城市化  urbanization


1. 先进的  advanced/progressive

2. 独特的,特别的  unique / distinctive/particular

3. 不同的,多种多样的  different / various/diverse

4. 著名的  famous/well-known/noted

5. 流行的,受欢迎的  popular / fashionable / widespread

6. 相似的  similar

7. 传统的  traditional/conventional

8. 显著的,杰出的  prominent/remarkable

9. 历史性的  historic

10. 文化的 cultural

11. 重要的  important / significant / vital/crucial

12. 许多,众多的  many/numerous/multiple

13. 国家的,国民的,民族的 national

14. 典型的 typical/representative

15. 灿烂的,辉煌的  brilliant / splendid / glorious

16. 农村的 rural

17. 皇家的,王室的  royal/imperial

18. 繁荣的  flourishing/prosperous/booming

19. 稳定的  stable/steady/stabilized

20. 前所未有的 unprecedented


1. 通常、频繁地  usually / generally / frequently / constantly

2. 明显地  apparently/obviously/distinctly

3. 广泛地  widely/far andwide/generally

4. 主要地,大体上  mainly/primarily/basically

5. 严厉地  severely/strictly/seriously

6. 大幅度地,快速  sharply/rapidly

7. 同时  simultaneously/meanwhile

8. 当前,目前   currently

9. 越来越多地  increasingly


1. 被视为  be regarded/considered/seen as

2. 作出贡献  make contributions to

3. 相继  in succession/one after another

4. 据估计  It is estimated that/according to the estimates/It is considered that

5. 大量的  a large number of(+ 可数名词 )/a good deal of/a large amount of (+ 不可数名词 )

6. 涉足 set foot in/be involved in

7. 改革开放 reform and opening up

8. 越来越多的 more and more/an increasing number of/a growing number of

9. 用于  be used as/serve as

10. 在 …… 中起作用,扮演 …… 角色 play a role in

11. 归因于,归功于 be attributed to

12. 据说  It is said that

13. 努力做某事 strive to do/make efforts to do/work hard at

14. 屈从 submit to/yield to

15. 坐落 be located/be situated (+ 介词 )

16. 以 …… 而出名 be famous for/be well-known for/be noted for

17. 不仅 …… 而且 …… not only...but also...

18. 重视 pay attention to/attach importance to/lay stress on

19. 同时 at the same time/in the meantime

20. 导致 result in/lead to/bring about/give rise to

21. 被列为 be listed as/be classified as

22. 占(比例) account for

23. 源于 originate from/come from

24. 在 …… 方面 in terms of/in the aspect of


重要的 important

❶ vital ['vaɪt(ə)l]

She had found out some information of vital importance.


❷ crucial ['kruːʃ(ə)l]

It is crucial that the problem is tackled immediately.


❸ prominent ['prɒmɪnənt]

This considerable increase in investment played a prominent role in fueling economic growth.


❹ cardinal ['kɑːd(ɪ)n(ə)l]

Respect for life is a cardinal principle of English law.


优秀的 good

❶ excellent ['eks(ə)l(ə)nt]

She has always had a high reputation for her excellent short stories.


❷ outstanding [aʊt'stændɪŋ]

The girl who won the scholarship was quite outstanding.


❸ extraordinary [ɪkˈstrɔːdnri]

Her strength of will was extraordinary.


❹ remarkable [rɪ'mɑːkəb(ə)l]

The economic diplomacy of China is characterized by distinctive features and remarkable achievements.


有趣的 interesting

❶ amusing [ə'mjuːzɪŋ]

Do not hesitate to laugh at anything you find amusing.


❷ entertaining [entə'teɪnɪŋ]

This is an entertaining yet thought-provoking film.


❸ engaging [ɪn'geɪdʒɪŋ]

His engaging personality made him popular with his peers.


有活力的 energetic

❶ dynamic [daɪ'næmɪk]

South Asia continues to be the most dynamic economic region in the world.


❷ vigorous ['vɪg(ə)rəs]

We urge vigorous action to be taken immediately.


❸ animated ['ænɪmeɪtɪd]

His observations gave rise to an animated and lively discussion.


充足的 abundant

❶ ample ['æmp(ə)l]

Agriculture has developed rapidly, thus providing light industry with ample raw materials.


❷ plentiful ['plentɪfʊl]

Hot climate and plentiful rainfall favor the growth of plants.


❸ generous ['dʒen(ə)rəs]

No one is expecting a very generous pay increase this year.


勇敢的 brave

❶ courageous [kə'reɪdʒəs]

The pioneers are courageous indeed, overcoming one difficulty after another.


❷ bold [bəʊld]

Big, successful moves need bold, masterful managers.


❸ fearless ['fɪəlɪs]

To go in for technical innovation, one must have the fearless spirit of a pathbreaker.


合理的 reasonable

❶ sound [saʊnd]

She gave me some very sound advice.


❷ rational ['ræʃ(ə)n(ə)l]

There is no rational explanation for his actions.


❸ sensible ['sensɪb(ə)l]

It would seem more sensible to apply standards flexibly rather than rigidly.


著名的 famous

❶ renowned [rɪ'naʊnd]

The region is renowned for its outstanding natural beauty.


❷ noticeable ['nəʊtɪsəb(ə)l]

The class has made noticeable improvement.


❸ notable ['nəʊtəb(ə)l]

The book stands out as one of the notable landmarks in the progress of modern science.


有益的 helpful

❶ favorable ['feɪvərəbl]

Such events occur only when the external conditions are favorable.


❷ beneficial [benɪ'fɪʃ(ə)l]

It can be beneficial to share your feelings with someone you trust.


❸ rewarding [rɪ'wɔːdɪŋ]

It is a very rewarding exercise to work this out oneself.


许多 many

❶ numerous ['njuːm(ə)rəs]

Numerous factories have sprung up in this once desolate area.

过去这一带满目苍凉, 现在却有了无数的工厂。

❷ a host of

The special theory of relativity has raised a host of questions.


❸ multitude of

I was awed by the multitude of stars in the night sky.


不同的 different

❶ various ['veərɪəs]

These data have been collected from various sources.


❷ a variety of

A variety of heavy industries grew up alongside the port.


❸ diverse [daɪ'vɜːs]

People hold diverse attitudes toward these new regulations.


普遍的 common

❶ commonplace ['kɒmənpleɪs]

Yet on the most commonplace occasion I can never know your thoughts.


❷ universal [juːnɪ'vɜːs(ə)l]

Such problems are a universal feature of senior citizens.


❸ pervasive [pə'veɪsɪv]

It is the most pervasive compound on earth.


唯一的 only

❶ solely ['səʊllɪ]

Success should not be measured solely by educational achievement.


❷ unique [juː'niːk]

The examples are unique to this dictionary.


❸ merely ['mɪəlɪ]

You are merely reciting facts that you have learned by rote.


贫穷的 poor

❶ needy ['niːdɪ]

Needy and handicapped people depend on government relief for their support.


❷ impoverished [ɪm'pɒvərɪʃt]

The rural people have been impoverished by a collapsing economy.


❸ in poverty

He was bred up in poverty.


富裕的 rich

❶ wealthy ['welθɪ]

All of them came from wealthy, upper class families.


❷ well-heeled ['wel'hi:ld]

Both families are reasonably well-heeled and comfortably-off.


❸ well-to-do

She comes from a well-to-do family.


大的 big

❶ vast [vɑːst]

The pollution has already turned vast areas into a wasteland.


❷ massive ['mæsɪv]

We needed to reskill our workforce to cope with massive technological change.


❸ enormous [ɪ'nɔːməs]

The enormous difficulty makes him cynical about the feasibility of the idea.


新的 new

❶ brand-new

Net Electronic Map has become a brand-new way for showing the geographic information.


❷ fresh [freʃ]

The company set to make a fresh start under a new broom.


❸ novel ['nɒv(ə)l]

Protesters found a novel way of demonstrating against steeply rising oil prices.


有害的 harmful

❶ damaging ['dæmɪdʒɪŋ]

Many chemicals have a damaging effect on the environment.


❷ ruinous ['ruːɪnəs]

The decision has proved to be ruinous.


❸ destructive [dɪ'strʌktɪv]

The city witnessed the destructive force of the storm.


困难的 difficult

❶ demanding [dɪ'mɑːndɪŋ]

He found he could no longer cope with his demanding job.


❷ laborious [lə'bɔːrɪəs]

They had the laborious task of cutting down the huge tree.


❸ formidable ['fɔːmɪdəb(ə)l]

He took on the formidable task of reforming the whole system.


无聊的 boring

❶ dull [dʌl]

The conference was deadly dull.


❷ tiresome ['taɪəs(ə)m]

I find it very tiresome doing the same job day after day.


❸ tedious ['tiːdɪəs]

He that can read and meditate will not find his evenings long or life tedious.


忧虑的 worried

❶ anxious ['æŋ(k)ʃəs]

He was anxious about the enormity of the task ahead.


❷ apprehensive [æprɪ'hensɪv]

The long delay had made me quite apprehensive.


❸ fraught [frɔːt]

It has been a somewhat fraught day.


沮丧的 sad

❶ depressed [dɪ'prest]

She felt very depressed about the future.


❷ gloomy ['gluːmɪ]

They found him in gloomy, downbeat mood.


❸ frustrated [frʌ'streɪtɪd]

Both sides in the dispute appeared very frustrated at the lack of progress.


怀疑的 doubtful

❶ skeptical ['skeptɪkəl]

Many were skeptical about this solution.


❷ suspicious [sə'spɪʃəs]

Most organizations are, quite understandably, suspicious of new ideas.


❸ incredulous [ɪn'kredjʊləs]

She gave me an incredulous glance.